Robert Nickle


1919            Born, Saginaw Michigan

1937             Graduated with honors from Arthur Hill High School, Saginaw Michigan
1938-1942     Studied at University of Michigan, Architecture and Design, specialized in graphic and industrial design
1943             Enlisted in Navy and became App. Seaman and graduated from University of
                   Michigan while serving.

1944            Studied at Institute of Design with Moholy-Nagy in night classes
1946-7         New Realities, Paris, France
1948            Artists of Chicago and Vicinity, Art Institute of Chicago      
1949            Exhibition Momentum, Roosevelt University
                  Artists of Chicago and Vicinity, Art Institute of Chicago    

U.S. State Department Exhibition, 32 Foreign countries represented

1959            Carnegie International, Pittsburgh, PA

1961            International Assemblage, Museum of Modern Art,  New York, NY

1963            B.C. Holland Gallery, Chicago, IL

1965            Feigen-Palmer Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1966            B.C. Holland Gallery, Chicago, IL

1967            Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, IL

1969            Collage, Purdue University, Valparaiso, IN

1971            Collages by American Artists, Ball State University Art Gallery, Muncie, IN   

1974            Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, IL

                   Collage, National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington, DC

                   Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI

1975            The Other Tradition: Abstract Painting in Chicago, Michael Wyman Gallery

1976            Abstract Art In Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

                   Acquavella Contemporary, New York, NY

                   Painting and Sculpture Today, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN

1977             Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, IL

                   Davis and Long Company, New York, NY

                   Sid Deutsch Gallery, New York, NY

1978             Robert Nickle, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

                   Chicago Abtractionists - Romaticized Structures, Kansas City Museum, MO

1979            Chicago-Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Germany

                   Cranbrook Museum, Bloomfield, MI

                   Abstractionists from Chicago - Ukranian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL

1980            Dies in Chicago, Illinois

                   Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, IL      

                   Hoshour Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico

                   Illinois State Museum, Chicago, IL

                   Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL

                   Chicago Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

                   Janus Gallery, Venice, CA

1981             Greenberg Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

1982             Acquavella Contemporary, New York, NY

                   Hoshour Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico
1986             Rosofsky and Nickle, Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago

1993             Pictures not Unrelated, Drake Gallery, New York, NY
1994             Robert Nickle Retrospective, Gallery 400, University of Illinois
1995             American Collage, ACA Gallery, New York, NY
                   Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, IL
                   Art in Chicago 1945-1995, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

2000            Collage in American Art, Robert Henry Adams Fine Art

                   Fifty Years of Contemporary Art on Paper, The Contemporary Arts Society of New Mexico
2007             In Context: Collage + Abstraction, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, NY
2008             Suitcase Paintings, Loyola Museum of Art, Chicago, IL
                   Works on Paper: The Natalie and Irving Forman Collection, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2011             Remix: Selections from the International Collage Center (ICC), Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
2013             Robert Nickle Collages, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago, IL
                   Surface Tension, Senior & Shopmaker, New York, NY
                   Collage: The Alchemy of the Ordinary, McClain Gallery, Houston, TX
                   Chicago's Bauhaus Legacy, Ukranian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL



Art Institute of Chicago

Smithsonian Museum

University of Illinois Museum

Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo

University of Chicago, Smart Gallery
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  

Indianapolis Museum

Carnegie Institute Museum

Whitney Museum of American Art

Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa
National Gallery, Washington
Gallery 400
Daum Museum of Contemporary Art



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